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Regular maintenance protects your home (often your biggest investment), extends the life of the structure and reduces your costs in the long run. It makes good sense.


Smoke detectors – test batteries on regular basis to make sure they work.

Carbon monoxide detectors – test on regular basis to make sure they work.

Filters/air cleaners - heating and/or air-conditioningsystems clean on regular basis to reduce heating costs, improve comfort and protect costly equipment.

Automatic reverse mechanism on garage door openers test on regular basis to make sure they work.

Range hood filtersclean on regular basis to maintain efficiency, reduce energy costs and minimize the risk of grease fires.

Central vacuum system empty canister and clean filter (if applicable) so system will work effectively.


Sliding doors and windowsclean tracks to reduce the risk of water damage in the home.

Floor drains check that there is water in traps to prevent sewer odors.

Bathroom exhaust fan clean grill to ensure good air flow.


Guttersclean once annually to prevent buildup, extend the life of the gutters and keep the basement/crawlspace dry.

Air-conditioning systemhave it serviced annually to protect this costly equipment.

Humidifier attached to furnace turn off and shut off the water to limit humidity in summer.

Humidifiers and central air conditionersclose the damper on the humidifier bypass to avoid short-circuiting the air-conditioning system.

Chimneys for fireplaces and other wood-burning appliances have inspected and swept if necessary to reduce the risk of a chimney fire.




Heating systemservice before turning on to protect the equipment.

Gas fireplace service with other gas appliances.

Outdoor hose bibs shut off (unless they are frost free) to prevent freezing damage to pipes.

Hot water heating systems lubricate the circulating pump as needed to extend its life or hire contractor to do this.

Humidifier connected to furnaceturn on and open the water supply so that the humidifier will work in the heating season.

Humidifiers and central air conditioners open the damper on the humidifier bypass to allow the humidifier to work in the heating season.

Exterior ventsensure vent flaps close properly to reduce heat loss and prevent pest entry.


Trees, shrubstrim back from walls and roofs to prevent damage caused by branches rubbing against the building and to reduce the risk of pests getting into the home.

Roofing have contractor do annual inspection to help maximize the life of roof.

Bathtub and shower enclosurescheck caulking and grout to prevent concealed water damage.

Atticcheck for evidence of pests and roof leaks to prevent infestations and water damage

Building exteriorinspect for weather tightness at siding, trim, doors, windows, wall penetrations, etc. to prevent concealed water damage.

Exterior paint and staincheck and improve as needed to prevent rot in exterior wood. Pay particular attention to wood close to the ground. Wood in contact with soil is prone to rot.

Refrigerators and freezersvacuum coils to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

Garage door hardware/operator lubricate to ensure the door moves freely.

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